048Butterflies for Maddie is a 5K race in honor of Maddie Morgan who passed away at the age of 6. You can read more about her/the foundation here. I had been thinking about going for this race but was debating about the drive. But after the happenings of last week, I registered for it. I have been running some after the half, but not seriously, and I thought to myself, well, it is only 3.1 miles.
Saturday morning, woke up early because it was going to be a long ride and did not want to get lost and miss the race. I arrived 30 minutes before the start time which was great! Picked up my T-shirt and sat in the car and waited. The race was a small race and it had lots of younger folks which was great. It also felt like a family race, all the folks knew each. Many of the kids had butterfly wings on their backs, didn’t take a picture because I did not want to post pictures of kids. It was pretty neat! Many of the volunteers were young, I suspect that these were Maddie’s friends, classmates etc
The course was pretty challenging, there were many hills (the downhills helped) but it did not help that the race ended up the hill. I was pretty excited to reach the finish line before 30 minutes had elapsed! I think this race is a keeper. I like races that have a great cause and it was awesome to get a technical T-shirt!
Keep looking up friends, God is in control and may His peace be with you always!

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