Even though American Idol is going downhill, I still watch it. I think it is the only avenue some people will ever get out there. Without American Idol, we would never have heard of Melinda Doolittle!!It is not only the winner who benefits, it is usually the top 10 or 12. It all depends on what you do after your AI stint. There are many contestants who never won but they are doing awesome, shout out to Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken! and why am I talking about AI? because of the Jessie J’s song that Angie sang this week: “It’s okay, not to be okay” That is a line in the song, the song is titled “Who you are”. This week was the worst week in my academic life. I have been studying my Masters for the last many years and this is my last semester. I did my comprehensive exams about a month ago and had to repeat two other papers. The professor let me know that I did not pass my statistics paper and I will have to repeat the whole comprehensive exam in October. I just burst out crying because that meant I will not be graduating this May. What scares me is that what if I do not pass it in October? But I have to believe, I have to trust that it will be okay. I have to study hard. I have to believe because God is sovereign and He is in control! I hope you have an awesome weekend! Keep the faith. “It’s okay, not to be okay”

5 thoughts on ““it’s okay, not to be okay”

  1. Hang in there, Grace. I know you will do your best. Perhaps you were just trying to take on too much this semester. It happens. I don’t think anyone will die if you don’t do well, so stop stressing so much. That right there can make all the difference. You can do it. Relax.


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