Green River Road Race

CAM00044CAM00037 I will start with what I heard someone say today after those 5 gruelling hilly miles! “Running is like giving birth, while you are in the process, you tell yourself that you will never do this again, when you are done, you are like, show me the next race” This probably does not apply to everyone. This race was hard. I had trained some but during training, I had not not run a full 5 miles. It was hot too but I am not the kind of person who runs with water. I only did this race because it is part of the Bowling Green Road Runners Grand Prix and I knew, it would be an ‘easier’ race to earn points. Easier because there were fewer people. The race had less than 60 people, it had a 5 miles walk too and only one guy showed up for the walk and so he was the overall 5K walk winner (male). It started with a prayer which was nice 🙂 It was a no frills (no bibs) race and they ran out of water at the second water station.(thought I would die) It was in the country and we passed a few historical landmarks including the birthplace of Duncan Hines. I thought that was interesting because it is listed that Duncan Hines was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky! The mile markers were on the ground! Well, I finally reached, cold water never tasted so good. I will definately do it again next year.