Day 31 #newme #Lose20

This art is by Beth Reitmeyer This is the last day of the month of July! Something happened on July 19th, and my blog went silent. I went out running on the 19th, it was a different kind of run. I came home and started suffering from a headache that would not go away. I … More Day 31 #newme #Lose20

Day 18 #newme #lose20

After melting in yesterday’s heat, we decided to make it up and overstayed our welcome in the waterpark. They should just have asked us to lock up for them. Baby girl and I have decided to really make use of our time there and everyday we have been swimming laps. We compete and we set … More Day 18 #newme #lose20

Day 17 #newme #Lose20

Can you believe it, we did not go the waterpark today! I had important things to take care of and so my kids missed out. I did take them though to one of the local farms. They loved it. It was a pretty hot day though, but homemade peach ice cream cured some of that. … More Day 17 #newme #Lose20

Day 16 #newme #lose20

Let me start with thoughts from Baby Boy (5) ” Diarrhea can cause you to die because the word diarrhea has ‘di’, right mommy?” I totally agreed with that statement. Baby boy is a thinker! Lowes or Home Depot? Lowes have been having this projects that my kids have been participating every other week. They … More Day 16 #newme #lose20

Day 15 #newme #lose20

I cannot believe it is already mid July! Where has the summer gone? There are so many things I have wanted to do with my kids before summer is over and now I feel like I am running out of time. I guess that is a good thing, right? Today was a great exercise day, … More Day 15 #newme #lose20

Day 13 #newme #lose20

We are coming to the end of a very interesting week! Zimmerman was found not guilty and now we await the decision about the two school districts at the end of the month. I am not commenting on it because I am right in the middle of it, please pray for us when you think … More Day 13 #newme #lose20

Day 11 #newme #lose20

My kids want so badly to go and watch Despicable Me 2 on 3D. Today’s craft at Mommy camp was to make the Minions! I wonder which child made which Minion! Can you take a guess? Do you watch Big Brother 15? Didn’t think the two moms (Elissa and Helen) would pull it off, but … More Day 11 #newme #lose20