Day 31 #newme #Lose20

CAM00302 This art is by Beth Reitmeyer
This is the last day of the month of July! Something happened on July 19th, and my blog went silent. I went out running on the 19th, it was a different kind of run. I came home and started suffering from a headache that would not go away. I took some medicine and willed it to go away but it would not. I finally gave in and decided to lie down. My baby girl decided on her own to bring me a bucket just in case I got sick. and sick I got…thanks baby girl!
I am fine now. In fact this week, I have gone running everyday. Today I decided to speed it up and managed a mile in under 10 minutes. 9.56 minutes per mile, LOL! It was raining which made the 2 miles feel so good.
I have kept up the running and it has been going well. Today, I decided to try the green stuff, kale, watermelon and oatmeal. It was not too bad but I could not take more than a glass of it.
I hope you have been doing well, keep the faith!

Day 18 #newme #lose20

CAM00213After melting in yesterday’s heat, we decided to make it up and overstayed our welcome in the waterpark. They should just have asked us to lock up for them. Baby girl and I have decided to really make use of our time there and everyday we have been swimming laps. We compete and we set a number of laps we want to do, but I have to swim 2 more laps than her. good times!
So, while I am thinking of what to make/bake with my peaches, they are disappearing one by one. These peaches are so good and today I convinced baby boy to try one and he loves them. I have been out swimming a lot but I haven’t been out running, I guess I need to change that. So glad that tomorrow is Friday!!

Day 17 #newme #Lose20

CAM00177Can you believe it, we did not go the waterpark today! I had important things to take care of and so my kids missed out. I did take them though to one of the local farms. They loved it. It was a pretty hot day though, but homemade peach ice cream cured some of that. We also left with some peaches, not sure what to make with them. I might end up just eating them all up, they are so juicy and so good.
Have you tried Fage Yogurt? that stuff is great. I bought some, just plain greek yogurt and added some honey to it, oh my, who needs ice cream? I hope you are having a great day and making wise choices.

Day 16 #newme #lose20

Let me start with thoughts from Baby Boy (5) ” Diarrhea can cause you to die because the word diarrhea has ‘di’, right mommy?” I totally agreed with that statement. Baby boy is a thinker!
Lowes or Home Depot? Lowes have been having this projects that my kids have been participating every other week. They are so much fun and my kids love them. Of course, I now prefer Lowes to Home Depot because of this.
If you have kiddos, and you want something fun and free to do, check it out here. You have to reserve early.
We went to watch a fun movie today, Yogi Bear! We all loved it, someone in the audience loved it too much 🙂
I did some laps today and my hands are still sore from yesterday’s laps! I sure will miss swimming when the summer is over. We have a pool (open all year round) here but the membership is a little too pricey.
Tomorrow is a big day, will let you know the details later, keep looking up and keep hydrated.

Day 15 #newme #lose20

I cannot believe it is already mid July! Where has the summer gone? There are so many things I have wanted to do with my kids before summer is over and now I feel like I am running out of time. I guess that is a good thing, right?
Today was a great exercise day, went out and ran 4 miles and later we (baby girl and I) did a few laps in the pool. I think we all are going to have a good night sleep. It has been 15 days since I started of this #lose20 journey. Of course I am not expecting to lose 20 pounds in one month, but I am hoping to lose it in 10 weeks or so. I think they say it is ‘healthy’ to lose 2 pounds a week. I have not gotten on a scale since the beginning of the month. I need to weigh in soon to see what progress I have made. Have a great week and keep looking up.

Day 13 #newme #lose20

1009774_10151700945938374_1386562624_nWe are coming to the end of a very interesting week! Zimmerman was found not guilty and now we await the decision about the two school districts at the end of the month. I am not commenting on it because I am right in the middle of it, please pray for us when you think about it. We took a 2 hour staycation to the our Waterpark’s Hawaiian Luau! The kids basically had the whole waterpark to themselves, at one point, baby boy was in the shallow side by himself with 3 Lifeguards watching him!
This morning I went running with my Saturday running buddy! I love running with her because she does ran quite fast and so it always makes for a fast four miles! Came home and did a 10 minute athletic conditioning work out with Denise Austin.
I hope you had a great week. Keep the faith and see you on Monday!

Day 12 #newme #lose20

DSCF1450I feel like today I basically camped in the waterpark! The place was so full there were no daybeds? sunbeds? to go around. We stayed there for way too long now I feel like I have a tan! I am not supposed to get a tan but it’s all good. We swam laps with the baby girl. She wants to join the swim team and for her to be able to do that, she has to kinda know two strokes. She can swim freestyle, and I am trying to teach her breast stroke (which is my specialty) and back stroke. We might even attempt butterfly (my favorite). I suck at freestyle, I can swim it but I suck. I learned how to swim when I was 9. I went to this boarding school that was run by Mr. and Mrs. Scott. Mr. Scott was the Headmaster and Mrs. Scott his wife helped out everywhere. It was like pay for one and you get two kinda of situation, like some churches I know. You pay the Pastor but somehow the wife is sucked in and is on staff but she is not paid because she is the Pastor’s wife. Anyway, Mrs. Scott did not understand why we did not know how to swim and so, she decided to teach us. She pushed us into the pool…and right then, I had to learn how to stay afloat, and my swimming career began. I never won any gold medals or anything, but I represented my house in high school during the swimming gala. I swam the breast stroke for the relay team 🙂 Thank you Mrs. Scott. I guess I should just have pushed baby boy into the deep end and then I would not have to pay for swimming classes, right?
I can’t say that we ate healthy today, okay, we did not eat healthy today and I think it has to do with us skipping lunch, since we were in the waterpark. We ended up eating a big bag of chips (I guess we had swam for it, right?) It was a good day. I am totally looking forward to my run tomorrow, 5 miles here I come! gotta get rid of all that chips.

Day 11 #newme #lose20

DSCF1769My kids want so badly to go and watch Despicable Me 2 on 3D. Today’s craft at Mommy camp was to make the Minions! I wonder which child made which Minion! Can you take a guess? Do you watch Big Brother 15? Didn’t think the two moms (Elissa and Helen) would pull it off, but they did! It was one of the best evictions ever! Today I went out for a 3 mile run, and I even went for a one mile walk with my kids. I did good as far as diet is concerned. I was under my points and I am trying to limit my carbs. I guess I should make that this week’s goal! Hope you have had a great week, smile, tomorrow is Friday!