Day 1 #newme #lose20

Day one of #lose20 journey started off well. Last night was rough, the thunder and lightning were definately scary but we weathered it okay. I had decided to use a free weight watchers (WW) app, but you know, no weight watchers app is real unless it is from weight watchers. So I was reading up on this app and discovered that they were suspended because WW complained about copyright etc etc. The owner of the app went on to say that she? he? agreed that she? he? did infringe and had taken down the part that she? he? had infringed. This app is free but you pay a subscription if you want some add ons! I think those add ons are necessary but I do not want a subscription. I decided that I am just going to use my old books:002. I have enough booklets to last me 6 weeks.
I used all my WW points with one to spare and earned 2 activity points. I am saving my activity points and my extra points for July 4th!
Cardio: 2.8 miles
Also did 5 burpees and 10 push ups
While I was doing my push ups, I had a conversation with Henry when he came to help me do the push ups.
Henry: “Mommy, exercise is easy for girls”
Me: “Why do you say that?”
Henry: “because they do push ups with their knees on the floor”

I am not sure why he said that because my knees were NOT on the floor, hey, I learned something in the army. kids!! Keep looking up!


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