Finding the inner me…#newme

DSCF1712There is something about pictures! You take pictures, look at them and decide that you are not eating for the next month or so…especially pictures that are taken while you are not aware, you know, those that do not show your good side 🙂 so, was looking at some not my good side pictures and decided, I will still eat, but July is the month to take all this health stuff seriously. It is funny that I am actually a health major, and I intend to teach health education so I should be practising what I am learning, right? I have got the exercise part down, but the nutrition part is still a challenge. A few years ago, I tried Weight Watchers and it indeed worked. After the 12 weeks were over, I was back to square one! I am going back to weight watchers just because it is moderate. I am not going to attend any meetings though, I am using an app and will be reporting on my blog. My blog readers will be my accountability. I would like to lose 20 pounds, I weigh the same as I weighed the day I went to give birth to Henry (5 years ago), yes, it is that serious! Would you walk this journey with me, as we find our inner selves? I am not sure what looks like though! Keep looking up!


6 thoughts on “Finding the inner me…#newme

  1. Good for you! I’m also restarting a fitness program, having joined a Boot Camp on line through Just finished my first interval workout. It’s an 8-week course. I’m also walking. Bought a FitBit a while back and have been working on getting at least 7,000 steps in a day. Some days I make it, some days I don’t – but I try everyday!


  2. I got the “One”. It clips to your bra or a pocket (or you can just put it IN your pocket). It also monitors sleep patterns, which I like. There’s a new one called “Flex” but it’s a wristband and I’m not crazy about always having something on my wrist like that. I hear that of all the options, the One is the best to get.


  3. If I do not post in a while, please write me and ask me how it is going! I need to be on it daily and the only way you know I am in the program, is by me posting


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