Day 2 #newme #lose20

DSCF1745Today, two awesome things happened. First, I had a running buddy this morning. I had gone for my morning run and was debating whether to run 3 or 4 miles and the because of the running buddy, I ended up running/walking 4 miles. Awesome! During the day, I visited my Tuesday Thrift store and they had all this new stuff on sale. They were mostly cheer uniforms and track clothes that they had sent out to universities but I guess the students never paid for them, and since some of them had names on them, they cannot sell them in their store. I scored a few running skirts for .50 cents each and you know how I love running skirts.
Cardio : 4 miles (running and walking)
Went over my points by 1, but I gained 3 activity points so I have 2 to spare.
Hope you guys had an awesome day, keep the faith!


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