mobileJun13 081We have a popular waterpark here in BG and my kids love it. We visit it often and mostly I just sit there and watch my kids and listen in on women (mostly) who are trying to get a tan. Of course, I do not have that problem! there have been conversations going on that would make you pack your kids and stuff and head home. Wow, the other day my neighbors were talking about their time in jail etc. The other day, the person sitting tanning next to me got into something with these other guys. Then their significant other came and was not amused that she got into something with this other person because she is on probation. He was basically telling her that it could have caused her to go back to jail. The next thing I knew, I was being brought into the conversation, being asked what I think. I totally pretended that I do not understand English! I have seen girl kids swimming without a top and I am like, where are these kids moms? I know some moms use the park as cheap baby sitting. I really debated if it was okay for me to ask the girl to get a top or t-shirt or something. I was surpised that the lifeguards did not say anything. Wow! You have been warned…I still go to the waterpark and I bet July 4th is going to be crazy.


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  1. I totally should have. The first kid I saw looked like 12 or 13, but that day I was not swimming, I would have definately told her to go get a t-shirt, it was crazy! The second one was like Henry’s age, it was obvious she was not there with her parents but with a group. she was ‘duk thiringinyi’


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