Day 3 #newme #lose20

DSC02940 I was backing up some photos from an old computer to a drive to a new computer and came across some awesomeness!
Today I did not go for a run, I think if I do not do any cardio, I tend to slack and I drink less water too! I took the kiddos to watch the $1 movies (Coraline) and like ALL moms, we always carry our own snacks. It is way cheaper and also just a little bit healthier. Web MD says one of those big movie popcorn buckets can be upto 1200 calories, so even if we just bought one to share, that is $400 calories each just like that!!!! The kids want to watch a 3D movie and I cannot decide between Monster University and Despicable Me 2? 3? (the latest one)
I used all my points today and I am on track!
See you tomorrow, will probably post one of my military pics 🙂