Day 4 #newme #lose20

DSCF1757 Happy 4th! everyone. I hope you had a fun time. The plan today was to go run a few miles, take my kids to the waterpark (this is usually the busiest day of the year) and then in the evening, go to a friend’s place for fireworks. Of course it did not work that way, it rained the whole day. I cannot believe that last July 4th, we were in DC and it was super hot!!! July 4, 2011, we lived in a different state! To make use of my time, I decided to make a cell phone cover for my phone. It is not finished yet because I need to figure out how to put a button and how long I want the flap!
As far as my points are concerned, I am definitely going over. I have used all my points today, used 4 of my activity points and will be going into my weekly extra points. I have been saving them for today! I tried though and had a low fat ice cream sandwich, 4 points later…
I hope to go running tomorrow and Saturday and that should make up for today. Keep the faith!


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