Day 5 #newme #lose20

CAM00069Absolutely nothing comes in between me and my run! Yep, I went out and ran in the rain. It was pouring but not cats and dogs. I ran a fast 2 miles. I think I will go out again tomorrow unless it is raining cats and dogs. It has rained the whole day…what a holiday weekend. Both my kids read their 15 books and got this awesome prize set, so I decided that I need to read my 3 books (1 adult book = 3 kids books, right?). I turned mine in and got a coupon for ice cream…really? My kids got coupons for ice cream, pizza, hot rods game, the zoo and other attractions, it was a major prize set including a free book. I am proud of my kids and they deserve it! Baby girl read 5 of the books to Henry so she actually read 20!
Cardio – 20 minutes
I used my points wisely and I think I am starting to get the hang of this.
Have a safe weekend and peace!