Day 6 #newme #lose20

IMG_1634Yesterday I said that no rain comes between me and my run, well, today, sleep did come out between me and my run! I just could not get out of the bed. It did continue drizzling a little and we stayed indoors the whole day. My kids and I decided to do an exercise video because the family that exercises together, stays together, right? It was fun to see my kids do their own variations of the exercises. I have used some of my extra points today because my family wanted breakfast for dinner. We had Turkey bacon instead of the real thing and it really saves on calories. The first time I brought home Turkey bacon, my family was not very thrilled but I think it is an acquired taste and now they love it!
Have you heard about Ibotta? It is a fun and exciting way to earn money every time you shop. I am saving up for a fitbit. When you buy an item that they have a coupon for, you earn some money and you can still use a paper coupon with Ibotta. I have earned more than $50 now and you have the option of transferring the cash to a paypal account. Click on this link and try it. There is a $10 share the love bonus for first time users. Keep safe and let’s catch up next week!