Day 10 #newme #lose20

CAM00091Began the day with 2 ten minutes Denise Austin’s workouts, I was sweating by minute 5! It was a kettle bell inspired workout, I am not sure I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow. We then decided to go to the waterpark early morning just because there are fewer people and we suspected it might rain in the afternoon. And it did rain! I love taking my kids to the waterpark but I always have to wade in the 0 depth water because baby boy cannot swim. I decided to pay for swimming classes for him and he went from not wanting to enter the water (lesson 1) to swimming on his own a little (lesson 2) I have to say that is good return on my money and I am proud of him!
I did not drink as much water as I wanted today but I managed to do 10 laps in the pool to make up for the cake that I ate today…we have to finish the birthday cake!


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