Day 12 #newme #lose20

DSCF1450I feel like today I basically camped in the waterpark! The place was so full there were no daybeds? sunbeds? to go around. We stayed there for way too long now I feel like I have a tan! I am not supposed to get a tan but it’s all good. We swam laps with the baby girl. She wants to join the swim team and for her to be able to do that, she has to kinda know two strokes. She can swim freestyle, and I am trying to teach her breast stroke (which is my specialty) and back stroke. We might even attempt butterfly (my favorite). I suck at freestyle, I can swim it but I suck. I learned how to swim when I was 9. I went to this boarding school that was run by Mr. and Mrs. Scott. Mr. Scott was the Headmaster and Mrs. Scott his wife helped out everywhere. It was like pay for one and you get two kinda of situation, like some churches I know. You pay the Pastor but somehow the wife is sucked in and is on staff but she is not paid because she is the Pastor’s wife. Anyway, Mrs. Scott did not understand why we did not know how to swim and so, she decided to teach us. She pushed us into the pool…and right then, I had to learn how to stay afloat, and my swimming career began. I never won any gold medals or anything, but I represented my house in high school during the swimming gala. I swam the breast stroke for the relay team 🙂 Thank you Mrs. Scott. I guess I should just have pushed baby boy into the deep end and then I would not have to pay for swimming classes, right?
I can’t say that we ate healthy today, okay, we did not eat healthy today and I think it has to do with us skipping lunch, since we were in the waterpark. We ended up eating a big bag of chips (I guess we had swam for it, right?) It was a good day. I am totally looking forward to my run tomorrow, 5 miles here I come! gotta get rid of all that chips.