1009774_10151700945938374_1386562624_nWe are coming to the end of a very interesting week! Zimmerman was found not guilty and now we await the decision about the two school districts at the end of the month. I am not commenting on it because I am right in the middle of it, please pray for us when you think about it. We took a 2 hour staycation to the our Waterpark’s Hawaiian Luau! The kids basically had the whole waterpark to themselves, at one point, baby boy was in the shallow side by himself with 3 Lifeguards watching him!
This morning I went running with my Saturday running buddy! I love running with her because she does ran quite fast and so it always makes for a fast four miles! Came home and did a 10 minute athletic conditioning work out with Denise Austin.
I hope you had a great week. Keep the faith and see you on Monday!