Day 16 #newme #lose20

Let me start with thoughts from Baby Boy (5) ” Diarrhea can cause you to die because the word diarrhea has ‘di’, right mommy?” I totally agreed with that statement. Baby boy is a thinker!
Lowes or Home Depot? Lowes have been having this projects that my kids have been participating every other week. They are so much fun and my kids love them. Of course, I now prefer Lowes to Home Depot because of this.
If you have kiddos, and you want something fun and free to do, check it out here. You have to reserve early.
We went to watch a fun movie today, Yogi Bear! We all loved it, someone in the audience loved it too much 🙂
I did some laps today and my hands are still sore from yesterday’s laps! I sure will miss swimming when the summer is over. We have a pool (open all year round) here but the membership is a little too pricey.
Tomorrow is a big day, will let you know the details later, keep looking up and keep hydrated.