Day 31 #newme #Lose20

CAM00302 This art is by Beth Reitmeyer
This is the last day of the month of July! Something happened on July 19th, and my blog went silent. I went out running on the 19th, it was a different kind of run. I came home and started suffering from a headache that would not go away. I took some medicine and willed it to go away but it would not. I finally gave in and decided to lie down. My baby girl decided on her own to bring me a bucket just in case I got sick. and sick I got…thanks baby girl!
I am fine now. In fact this week, I have gone running everyday. Today I decided to speed it up and managed a mile in under 10 minutes. 9.56 minutes per mile, LOL! It was raining which made the 2 miles feel so good.
I have kept up the running and it has been going well. Today, I decided to try the green stuff, kale, watermelon and oatmeal. It was not too bad but I could not take more than a glass of it.
I hope you have been doing well, keep the faith!