Day 11 #newme #lose20

DSCF1769My kids want so badly to go and watch Despicable Me 2 on 3D. Today’s craft at Mommy camp was to make the Minions! I wonder which child made which Minion! Can you take a guess? Do you watch Big Brother 15? Didn’t think the two moms (Elissa and Helen) would pull it off, but they did! It was one of the best evictions ever! Today I went out for a 3 mile run, and I even went for a one mile walk with my kids. I did good as far as diet is concerned. I was under my points and I am trying to limit my carbs. I guess I should make that this week’s goal! Hope you have had a great week, smile, tomorrow is Friday!

Day 10 #newme #lose20

CAM00091Began the day with 2 ten minutes Denise Austin’s workouts, I was sweating by minute 5! It was a kettle bell inspired workout, I am not sure I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow. We then decided to go to the waterpark early morning just because there are fewer people and we suspected it might rain in the afternoon. And it did rain! I love taking my kids to the waterpark but I always have to wade in the 0 depth water because baby boy cannot swim. I decided to pay for swimming classes for him and he went from not wanting to enter the water (lesson 1) to swimming on his own a little (lesson 2) I have to say that is good return on my money and I am proud of him!
I did not drink as much water as I wanted today but I managed to do 10 laps in the pool to make up for the cake that I ate today…we have to finish the birthday cake!

Day 9 #newme #lose20

DSCF1741 We have been having some fun this summer at Mommy camp. Last week I decided to make some play dough and my kids have had so much fun with it, I have to make some more. It has kept soft as long as you keep it in a bag. We have been going to the $1 movies showing this summer and today we watched “Big Miracle” We had two choices and I asked the kids if they wanted to watch “Big Miracle” or Dr. Seuss the Lorax. We have all watched the Lorax movie before but I told them, I did not mind watching again it since I have never heard of “Big Miracle” (I googled it before we went) Okay, either I am living in a hole somewhere or my kids know too much. Both my kids knew about Big Miracle, they had not watched it before, but they added that they had both watched the preview. We went and watched it. It was a good movie and it always surprises me how much of the movie lines my kids remember. We had planned to go for a members private party at the waterpark at night, we reached the waterpark and they were closed and they did not have the courtesy to tell us. fail!
I did 20 minutes cardio via Denise Austin I have some of her ‘older’ DVDs that I got free courtesy of Rite Aid and I love them. Only 10 minutes per session and it goes fast. I did two sessions. I think I bursted my points today with that movie popcorn 😦 That stuff tastes good.
I hope you are having a great week.

Day 8 #newme #lose20

CAM00089 It went from rain, rain, rain to sun, sun, sun. I went running this morning (3.8 miles) and I was burning up, thought I would die of heat exhaustion or something similar and then later we went to the waterpark, and the sun was not forgiving! The reason why I ran 3.8 miles as opposed to 4 miles is because I have started training for the Medical Center 10K and is following a training plan. It had me running 3 miles and then 2min/20second strides so it came to 3.8 miles. If I am diligent enough to follow this plan, I will run a sub55 10K!

Today is Sila’s birthday, it just worked better to have the cake and eat it yesterday! I basically used up all my points on the cake, but it was all good! I love cake!
Happy Birthday Sila!

Day 6 #newme #lose20

IMG_1634Yesterday I said that no rain comes between me and my run, well, today, sleep did come out between me and my run! I just could not get out of the bed. It did continue drizzling a little and we stayed indoors the whole day. My kids and I decided to do an exercise video because the family that exercises together, stays together, right? It was fun to see my kids do their own variations of the exercises. I have used some of my extra points today because my family wanted breakfast for dinner. We had Turkey bacon instead of the real thing and it really saves on calories. The first time I brought home Turkey bacon, my family was not very thrilled but I think it is an acquired taste and now they love it!
Have you heard about Ibotta? It is a fun and exciting way to earn money every time you shop. I am saving up for a fitbit. When you buy an item that they have a coupon for, you earn some money and you can still use a paper coupon with Ibotta. I have earned more than $50 now and you have the option of transferring the cash to a paypal account. Click on this link and try it. There is a $10 share the love bonus for first time users. Keep safe and let’s catch up next week!

Day 5 #newme #lose20

CAM00069Absolutely nothing comes in between me and my run! Yep, I went out and ran in the rain. It was pouring but not cats and dogs. I ran a fast 2 miles. I think I will go out again tomorrow unless it is raining cats and dogs. It has rained the whole day…what a holiday weekend. Both my kids read their 15 books and got this awesome prize set, so I decided that I need to read my 3 books (1 adult book = 3 kids books, right?). I turned mine in and got a coupon for ice cream…really? My kids got coupons for ice cream, pizza, hot rods game, the zoo and other attractions, it was a major prize set including a free book. I am proud of my kids and they deserve it! Baby girl read 5 of the books to Henry so she actually read 20!
Cardio – 20 minutes
I used my points wisely and I think I am starting to get the hang of this.
Have a safe weekend and peace!

Day 4 #newme #lose20

DSCF1757 Happy 4th! everyone. I hope you had a fun time. The plan today was to go run a few miles, take my kids to the waterpark (this is usually the busiest day of the year) and then in the evening, go to a friend’s place for fireworks. Of course it did not work that way, it rained the whole day. I cannot believe that last July 4th, we were in DC and it was super hot!!! July 4, 2011, we lived in a different state! To make use of my time, I decided to make a cell phone cover for my phone. It is not finished yet because I need to figure out how to put a button and how long I want the flap!
As far as my points are concerned, I am definitely going over. I have used all my points today, used 4 of my activity points and will be going into my weekly extra points. I have been saving them for today! I tried though and had a low fat ice cream sandwich, 4 points later…
I hope to go running tomorrow and Saturday and that should make up for today. Keep the faith!