CAM00184 This has been the best summer ever! For the first time, I was able to stay at home with my kids during the summer. I was worried that we were going to be bored, but after setting up Mommy camp, we had a blast and I cannot believe summer is over. So, my kids are going back to school!Last week today, we really did not know where our kids were going to go to school. We had applied to one school and we did not get in because of all the changes in the cap(the number of out of district students accepted). We tried to move house into the school district we wanted but it was not working. So, we had also applied for a plan B incase plan A did not work and the principal of plan B let me know he cannot make the decision until the end of the week! Finally, the call from plan A came and our kids got a spot and tomorrow they start school. I pray that they stay in this school until the end of elementary. This is RT’s third school, yeah, she is going to 3rd grade. I think she is done with switching schools. One of the positive things is that Baby boy knows quite a number of kids in his class, he met them during his long road to kindergarten. They were all excited to see each other 🙂 This whole process has taught me that we should just put our trust in the Lord and relax. I mean, we were like beheaded chickens running around the street without a head (okay, that would only happen in Kenya) We went around panicking and getting frustrated and yet the Lord had it all in His plan. He knew that we were going to get a spot this time round (this was the second time applying). The Lord says, Be still and know I am the Lord, but we cannot bring ourselves to be still. I pray that today, you will be still and know that He is the Lord! Keep looking up!

2 thoughts on “Happy School Days!

  1. For the first time EVER, my son cannot wait to start school! In the past he’s looked forward to it because he was bored, but he’s actively anticipating this year. I think that’s a good thing because he actually has friends now and school is where they get together the most (other than online).

    He went to one school for pre-k, one for kindergarden and first, another for second and finally one more for 3rd, 4th, and 5th. That was just elementary age! He went to two different ones for middle school, but I think high school will ALL be at the same place. Thank goodness.

    Happy school year!


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