Now that my kids are settled in school, it is time for me to look for some gainful employment. I have to say, looking for a job, is a job in itself. When we moved to the US more than 10 years ago, I worked a temp job for 4 months and then I got a permanent and pensionable job which I kept for 9 years. I honestly thought that I would be in that company forever. I never thought that I would not only move from that company, but move from that state. The time came and it was really the time to move. I stayed at home with my kids, but now I feel it is time to go back to corporate America. This being a small town, it has been challenging. Hubby says he sent out 100 applications before he got his job, I have not sent out that many yet, but it looks like I am heading there. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
I went for a race this past weekend, for the first time I did go for an out of town race but I was not running in it. I went to volunteer. This race had more than 1000 participants, most of them walked the 5K. To put in perspective, this town has a population of 8,500 (according to the 2012 estimate) so basically about 12% of the population of the town showed up for this race!! Well, maybe 2% was from out of town, and a Ugandan did win the race! It was fun, it threatened to rain at the beginning of the race but it just stopped all of a sudden.