I joined a CSA!

CAM00511This week I joined a CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically you pay a certain amount upfront, and every week we go to the farmer’s market and pick the veggies. The veggies are seasonal and fresh. This week’s veggies included Okra, sweet and hot pepper, arugula, red Russian kale, Hannah’s choice muskmelon, Yukon gold potatoes and Spaghetti squash. My kids and I were thrilled to pick up our veggies.
CAM00491 I had already made meat sauce for dinner and decided to bake the squash and have it with the meat sauce. It was delicious and I am not going back to pasta. The muskmelon tastes like cantaloupe (Baby boy calls it antelope). Arugula was a new veggie to me, I made a salad out of that and it tasted pretty good. I am pretty excited about the CSA and I am hoping it will force us to eat more veggies and also I am excited about eating local fresh food!


CAM00467 I was obsessed with Goldie. And who is Goldie you might ask? Goldie is the spider that I opened the door and she was right there, waiting for her prey. I named her Goldie after my friend commented and said she had a spider who looked the same and she had named her Goldie. I would watch her for minutes on end, take several pictures. I then had to choose between Goldie and my life, and I forced her to move. I did not kill her, just relocated her.
Soccer has been going great for RT. We have won both games! During the games, all three coaches show up with clip boards and all, taking notes, let me just say, baby girl is getting select soccer for the price of recreational soccer. The coaches are awesome, I cannot complain. The boy on the other hand is having fun. Let’s just say, it is recreational soccer, it’s all good. They also won both their games.
I have started studying again and taking my time to absorb all this statistics and praying I remember it all when it counts. I did ask my professor for a study guide and she was like study the decision tree! 🙂
Have a great week.


CAM00386It’s been awhile since I posted on my blog. I have been kinda busy. I am sad that summer is over. The water park is officially closed until next summer. My kids and I will miss it. I am looking forward to fall, soccer is here and my kids are excited about it. RT is in a new team, complete with 3 coaches, what could go wrong? On the other hand, no one volunteered to coach the boy’s team. I already volunteered one season and I think it is another parent’s turn. They have made it work somehow and we are all looking forward to the first games. Is it bad to pay your kids for goals?
I had a 5K race last week, “Run for Sight” This was the second time running this race. The first mile was awesome, I ran it in under 9 minutes. 2nd and 3rd mile did not go that good. Mile 2, I was under 10 minutes, then something went horrible wrong on mile 3! I knew I could not be salvaged when an older, older lady passed me! (I think she passed me too during the half-marathon, but then, she was a bandit). It is wrong when your timer goes off at 30 minutes mark and you have not reached the 3 mile marker! It was a great race though and I enjoyed starting my labor day running.
I have been quite busy substituting too. It has made for some pretty interesting experiences! I bet the kids have lots of stories to tell their parents when they go home.
Keep me in your prayers, I have a major exam coming up. Keep looking up!