I joined a CSA!

CAM00511This week I joined a CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically you pay a certain amount upfront, and every week we go to the farmer’s market and pick the veggies. The veggies are seasonal and fresh. This week’s veggies included Okra, sweet and hot pepper, arugula, red Russian kale, Hannah’s choice muskmelon, Yukon gold potatoes and Spaghetti squash. My kids and I were thrilled to pick up our veggies.
CAM00491 I had already made meat sauce for dinner and decided to bake the squash and have it with the meat sauce. It was delicious and I am not going back to pasta. The muskmelon tastes like cantaloupe (Baby boy calls it antelope). Arugula was a new veggie to me, I made a salad out of that and it tasted pretty good. I am pretty excited about the CSA and I am hoping it will force us to eat more veggies and also I am excited about eating local fresh food!

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