CAM00676I ran the 10K in 1:01:02 which makes for 9:50 min mile. The fastest I have ever ran a 10K. I cut 2.30 minutes off my last years time. That is the good news. The bad news is that my running buddy who we have been training with for the past few weeks, broke her toe so she could not run with me! the other bad news is, it rained the whole route. I was worried about slipping and falling but it seems like we all reached safe and sound.

To the Race report:
We were to report to the start at 8.20 am. I knew where I was going to park so I left in time to park and be ready for the race. Well, I guess things change every year. For some reason, the cops blocked the road to the parking lot, I am not sure why…so I decided to get to it from another route. The train had blocked the other route too! I ended parking like 5 minutes from the start area and walked. The parking lot that I had planned to park in was basically empty…I wonder why?
The race began on time, (this race I must say, wins the award of being the most organized race)
mile 1 – just warming up and trying to figure where I belong in this race and what my pace will be
mile 2 – this was my fastest mile (6.46mph) It was mostly downhill but there was the fear of slipping and falling. It was now raining hard!
mile 3 – this was a so so mile. I kinda slowed down
mile 4 – Was just working to keep it under 10 min per mile
mile 5 – this was basically uphill and went a little over 10 min/mile, it was something like 5.71mph.
mile 6 – this was surprisingly a fast mile in the race. I was trying to make up for mile 5.
61 minutes, 2 seconds later, I was done! It was raining so hard so I did not stay for the awards but I must say, the training paid off. and my running buddy and I are already talking about next year’s race, God willing!