CAM00709 The past two months I have been sitting at my desk (table) every morning at 4 am studying for my comprehensive exam. Many thoughts run through your mind at 4 am, especially when you hear everybody sleeping so soundly and you ask yourself, is it really worth it? Let me back track a little, in 2009 I decided that I wanted to go into Health Education. So after looking at different programs, I went with this college. It was relatively inexpensive (my employer basically paid for it) and it is an online program. With two courses at a time, two missed semesters, it was time for the comprehensive exam. I sat for the comprehensive exam in April this year and as I expected, I did not pass the statistics exam (got 65% the second time round and pass mark was 80%). Come December, I had to sit for the whole exam again. There was panic! The morning of the exam, I sent out a mass text asking my friends to pray for me, and praying they did! That very morning, I asked my husband, ‘what is a f-ratio?’ and went to google. and just like that, one of the questions worth 20 points asked me to point out the f-ratio and explain it!! wow! The best e-mail I ever received this year was from Graduate office letting me know that I had passed the exams!!
I have been substituting at the local school districts and this has been a challenging but rewarding experience. I first signed up to substitute because I needed something to do but now I have come to take it very seriously. I realized that what I do can make a difference in a child’s life. It is always fun to go back to a school and kids come to say hi to you and all! I have a new respect for teachers!
Next week is Thanksgiving, there are so many things I am thankful and I shall do my yearly thanksgiving post! I love the chaos of black Friday but unfortunately this year, I have nothing to wake up early for. All the deals are beginning on Thursday too, doesn’t make fun anymore. I pray that you have a great Thanksgiving. Keep looking up!