Finally, after a long road, I graduated! I do have a MS in Health Promotion, now to find a job to promote people’s health. I really wish I could teach Health in public schools, but I need a certification for that! I probably should get it! This course was challenging and the 4 hours, 8 questions comprehensive exam gave me a run for my money! But with prayers, support and hard work, I did it! and I am totally proud of myself. We drove all the way to Louisiana, it literally took us ALL day. But it was a fun ride, we had a cool comfortable car. We never got to see Louisiana and we kinda regret that. We did stop at Little Rock for the night and toured President Clinton’s library. It was pretty cool and interesting! Santa was visiting with free pics which was a nice add on. Now I want to visit President Bush’s library. The tornado warnings caught up with us too on our way back and that was a scary ride. It was raining, windy and the radio kept on going off. We did stop a little to let it pass and then finally reached home. Now, time to think about the new year? any goals for 2014! I do have a goal. the regular goal! to lose weight. I went for my annual and the doctor (this is a new doctor, my regular doctor took an administrative job in the next town, what’s up with that?) Well, he looked at my feet and said, they are swollen, is your blood pressure high? I told him, that people have said that in the past. He took my blood pressure (which I do not know why the nurse did not take it before letting me see the doctor) and before I knew it, I am prescription meds. For the first time in my life I am on prescription meds. While he was writing out the meds, he said, we do not want you to die of a stroke! (My mom did die of a stroke – I didn’t tell him that and it is not in my med. records) He also referred me to another doctor (who apparently is hard to get to see – should have gone to med school). I am working hard so that by the time I get to see the ‘new’ doctor, my pressure would have scaled down. It was pretty pretty high. Peace to y’all, keep the faith and see you in 2014!

3 thoughts on “Graduation!

  1. Congratulations, Grace! That is quite an accomplishment!

    I hope you are able to get your blood pressure under control – I’ve been on bp meds for several years. One thing they did NOT tell me was that if you stop taking them without supervision, it can have a boomerang effect sending your blood pressure sky high! I ran out of my prescription and didn’t get it renewed and my bp was dangerously high when I went to the doctor for something else. Apparently I was on the edge of a stroke because of it.

    I am still heavy, but have joined WW to help with that – but my REAL goal is to get off all my prescription medications. No more diabetes or bp meds. I’m going to try a new way of eating and exercising to accomplish that.

    I hope you meet all of your goals this year – 2014 is gonna be a great year!


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