Have you ever known that we are the best parents until we have kids and then we want to go back and apologize to all the parents that we gave the look in church/walmart/airplanes etc. because of the way they handled their children?
That is how I feel right now. I do not know so many people who have lost their jobs, but I do know a few and I am in awe of how they handled it. And now that our family is in the same situation, I am thinking back to them, and how I wish I practiced more action and less talk.
The roller coaster came crushing last week and now we are wondering what next. The hard part is explaining to the kids that all that we had planned for the summer is coming to a quick halt. We are staying strong and believing that the Lord will open a door soon. Meanwhile, it is one day at a time! Keep looking up!

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  1. Losing a job is quite a blow – especially when there are children involved because they don’t really understand all the implications. Perhaps if you thought back to the advice you were handing out back then and apply it now, you’ll find that you weren’t as off base as you think you were. I’m sorry you’re having this trouble, but with the right attitude, you and the kids can come through this closer and stronger.

    I’ll be praying for you and your family.


  2. Thanks Sayre! I think the kids understand that we cannot afford the planned summer vacation. It is hard to watch them pray everyday for a full time job for their parents. I know that we will come through it, but it sucks going through it.


  3. The ink was almost dry on our new mortgage when my husband was laid off. My income was not a lot, but we did manage. He picked up some freelance work, which was wonderful but you can’t budget that because you never know when it will show up or if he’ll work again. I always stuck it away and kept functioning as if it were just my paycheck. That was a good thing because he was without a “real” job for 6 years. On the plus side, when I got unexpectedly pregnant, he was an awesome stay-at-home dad! I’m not saying it was easy, but it was doable and we did it. Continuing to pray for you all. Hang in there!


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