KDU 050As some of you know, the college that my husband used to work at closed, which of course affected our family. We are fine and the Lord has been taking care of us. We have definitely had to change some things and go without some but all in all, we are keeping the faith and we keep looking up.
So, with all these “Now Hiring” signs, and with my substitute teaching job taking a break now that schools are closed for the summer, I decided to apply for one or two of the jobs. If you grew up here (in the US) you probably have done a fast food or retail job. Well, I did not grow up here and so I have never done a real second shift retail job. I did work in a book store for almost a year but I doubt that would count for anything and it was more than 20 years ago. I applied for a retail job and after 3 interviews, yeah, 3 interviews!!!! (this had become serious) I was offered one of the jobs. The retail world is a monster! I have a new appreciation for people who run those registers. At this particular store, you are timed as you swipe the products, (so, if you come to my line, don’t be talking too much to me, I need to get you out asap!) and make sure your fruits and veggies have that PLU sticker! šŸ™‚ (so that your cashier does not have to look it up). Well, as I was two weeks into it, the other place called me for a job too and I had to turn them down.
The water park is opened and that is one thing we had promised the kids that we will keep and it has been fun going there now that school is still in session for some.
Mommy camp is back too, I think last summer’s mommy camp paid off and baby girl is on honor roll! My dad asked me, “So, was she number 1?” I had to explain to him that here, there is no number 1 or number last. Those who make straight As make the honor roll. Baby girl was in a different school from last year, and in this school, not everyone gets a certificate. They do not have those ‘awards’ that they had in her old school like ‘the most friendly’ student etc. It was different. They only had attendance, reading (AR) and honor roll awards. Keep it here, and when you think of me, say a prayer for us! Thanks for reading

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  1. Congratulations on getting a job! It sounds a bit challenging, but you will rise to the challenge! Was the other job something similar? It sounds like you have a pretty good grip on making your life work, which is wonderful. So many people fall into a pit of despair when things like job loss happen – they don’t seem to realize that the world didn’t end, it just changed. Change happens all the time for bad or for good. All you have to do is wait for the next one (or make the next one!).

    Sounds like Mommy Camp was a definite success! Your children definitely benefit when you can spend such good time with them.


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