Fall break 2 016 yay 2 months! 2 months deserve a break, right! Just came from fall break. We visited St. Louis Zoo twice (on different days) watching a big screen movie (Maleficient) to hearing the cop say “Ma’am, can I see your Driver’s License and proof of insurance?” it was the #bestfallbreakever
This is the first time since we moved to BG that a school break has been so much appreciated. This is because, before now, I had a part time job and could take a break whenever I wanted. Having to wake up early for 9 days in a row, has been a treat (I am so dreading Monday). We were able to visit the St Louis Zoo (which is free) but an awesome friend got us several tickets to the stuff that you have to pay for like parking, sea lion show, carousel, children’s zoo and the train and these extras made our visit even more awesome.
Work has been going great. It is great to get to know these students and start beginning to know how to help them be the best they can be. I am starting to think that science is not that bad, if only I thought that a few decades ago, we would be talking about something else 🙂 I am looking forward to the next quarter. Happy October! Keep looking up and wash your hands often.