Day 2

This day started awesome and ended even more awesome. We woke up just in time to go and watch “Annie”. The kids have been really wanting to watch Annie since it came out in 2014 and so we were excited to be able to see it on big screen for just a $1. After that, we went for lunch and then went home. I parked my car, so I thought and when I started to come out, the car started backing up (reversing) and I was like what is happening. I looked at my gear and indeed, I had put the car in park but my dashboard was showing that my car was still in ‘drive’. I had to engage my hand brakes to stop the car from rolling. After letting my friends know what was happening, one offered to come and look at it! Did I say that the day ended awesome?? Yes, our good smart friend fixed the car and it was able to move. I still have to take it into the shop but now we really know what the problem is. I am so grateful for my awesome awesome friends.
Keep the faith!

Mommy camp aka summer camp!

    Mommy camp started in full swing! This is the 3rd year that I have had Mommy camp and the kids say they love it! Last summer was kinda messed up because I had to find a summer job so I didn’t do as much with the kids but it looks like we are going to have some fun this year. Mommy camp just consists of reading, writing, math and craft! I am so excited about the free STEM camps in the library this summer. We also cannot miss the $1 movies and we shall definitely be stopping by the water park. I asked the kids to color the ‘dinosaur’ eggs and each had their own interpretation! Have a great summer and keep looking up! 

Happy 9th anniversary to my blog!