home Finally! We are finally home thanks to the prayers of friends and family. At one point I really thought that we were going to live under a bridge or something. It was getting crazy! It was getting real! We had reached that point of giving up. Trying to balance price, size of house, location, and school was getting pretty tricky. We thought we had found the house, house A and then while we were on our way to see this house, the management company called and said that the owner has pulled it out of the market. What??? Suddenly the houses we had despised started looking good, as in very good. I scheduled to see one with a different management company and we went in and I told the guy, this will definitely not work. To which he responded that he has just finished talking to a house owner and he has another house that he was on his way to put on the website. So I asked to see it. It turns out that it was house A. The owner had yanked it from the first management company and given it to this management company and now we live in house A. Phew! I hope you are having a great Saturday and keep the faith!

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