lg pics 1279 When I took my kids for their last doctor’s appointment in Bowling Green, I let the doctor know that this was probably the last time He was seeing us because we were moving. The doctor (best pediatrician ever!) told us, to find a good church family and take it from there! It has not been easy to find a church. The church that is our denomination has less than 10 people and no kids! We have visited several churches across the river which are great churches with some great people but we want a church that is in the community. This is a picture of one of the churches across the river that we visited (we met someone we knew at this church which was awesome)That is where we are…pray for us as we look for a church family! The last church we visited we were given chocolate and a tote bag.
We love the school our kids go to. I get to walk them to school in the morning and go to pick them up. It is a small school and the teachers who have been there for the longest time are wonderful! I do not remember RT learning all this stuff when she was in second grade but then again, standards have changed. Thank you for all your prayers and remember me as I look for a job. I have done one interview and I have another one this week. Keep looking up!