I have been at the crossroads for a while, wondering what was next for me. We moved to IL officially at the end of June. We started looking for a house, school and a job for me, in that order. We found a house, then I guess the school that goes with it. We have loved the school and all that comes with that. A small diverse neighborhood school and the kids have done well. Next came the process of looking for a job. I did apply for the substitute license which took awhile but it came through when it needed to. Then I have had to apply to several schools and I have two districts that I substitute teach when needed. I did send out a few applications to other different organizations. I got to go to two interviews and I somehow missed the call for the 3rd interview. I got an e-mail from a university asking me if I was interested in teaching a class (or two) in the Spring and of course I said yes! Come next year God willing, there will be two professors in the house! This is HUGE for me and I am so grateful to the Lord for providing a part time job that still allows me to be with my kids when they get home from school. Keep looking up!


thanksgivingpic We have a lot to be thankful for. So, last Sunday, a family from Church invited us to their home for Thanksgiving and for them we are thankful. Good fellowship and food! It was also helpful to talk to them about the church and hear about the church from someone other than the leadership. This is the first year that I did not run a Turkey Trot! but I am running a race next week to make up for it! This is also the first year that I did not go out on Black Friday…am I getting old or broke?
I hope that you had a great thanksgiving and you took the time to let your family know that you are thankful for them. Keep the faith!

It’s has been hard!

yep, it has been so hard!  so so hard but we keep on looking up, because He loves us and He will see us through.  My father-in-law passed away this month.  After my mom passed away, I realized that I just cannot handle the passing away of a loved one, so what do I do?  I live in denial.  It is like it did not happen.   I feel like I will go back home and my father-in-law (for whom Henry is named after) will still be there.  Sitting and talking and laughing.  yep, it has been a hard month.

One of our relatives was diagnosed with cancer and she has been going for treatment and this week she was back for more chemo and they found a new cancer.  Yep, it has been really hard but we keep on looking up!  Pray for us!