I have been at the crossroads for a while, wondering what was next for me. We moved to IL officially at the end of June. We started looking for a house, school and a job for me, in that order. We found a house, then I guess the school that goes with it. We have loved the school and all that comes with that. A small diverse neighborhood school and the kids have done well. Next came the process of looking for a job. I did apply for the substitute license which took awhile but it came through when it needed to. Then I have had to apply to several schools and I have two districts that I substitute teach when needed. I did send out a few applications to other different organizations. I got to go to two interviews and I somehow missed the call for the 3rd interview. I got an e-mail from a university asking me if I was interested in teaching a class (or two) in the Spring and of course I said yes! Come next year God willing, there will be two professors in the house! This is HUGE for me and I am so grateful to the Lord for providing a part time job that still allows me to be with my kids when they get home from school. Keep looking up!