Spring 157Henry had his last soccer game today. This season started off with the team lacking a coach and two awesome mom’s volunteered to coach. I would have if I did not have classes on Wednesday nights, some games were Wednesday nights. This league was different from the BG league, so much smaller (only four teams), almost all the kids go to the same school district, two games every week and you get to play the other teams 3 times. I did like the fact that the season goes so much faster that by the time you are tired of it, it is over. Henry enjoyed it. Of course soccer brings out, I would like to say the best, but I will not and leave it there. RT did not play soccer since she was participating in Girls on the Run which is an awesome running program for girls and we had so much fun training for the 5K and actually running the 5K.027

Phew! Summer is here!

012My baby girl is going to junior high and baby boy is going to 3rd grader!  This has been an awesome school year for them and I believe that God lead us to the right school and had the right teachers for them.  Time is really flying and even though I am excited about summer, I also feel like my kids are growing way too fast.  This has been an exciting spring semester for me too.  I did get a job as an adjunct at one of the universities here and what an experience it was.  Preparing, grading, quizzes, teaching, e-mails and e-mails and having to read the text books!  It went fast  and I loved every minute of it.  I also did College Algebra (because when I grow up I want to be a math teacher) and it was so challenging but I did pass.

Summer is here and we are looking forward to it.  I will try and update my blog as I am able to but for now, keep looking up and have a great summer!  See you on the other side 🙂