Going to Kenya…Part 1 By RT.

This post is brought to you by the amazing baby girl!  written before she went to Kenya.

“I am scared of going to Kenya

and you’ll be hearing that all day I tell ya’

but I really want to see the big five

but I’m afraid I won’t come back alive

I heard Kenya is really hot

so I wonder if garden plants rot

but I’ve been to Kenya when I was one a half

and probably saw a few calves

and though the mud water was tea

so someone had to notify me

but I also can’t wait to go to Kenya

on the East Coast of Africa.”

(Tune in for part two – Leaving Kenya)

Freedom 4 Miler

ss 025Two months ago, I thought it would be such a great idea to register for a 4 mile race!  After all, it is St. Louis’ Most Patriotic race!  But here was the challenge that I did not plan for.  A few days later, we headed to Kenya for a month.  I thought I would go to Kenya, eat lots of vegetables and fruits and after all again, it is the land of 4 minute miles!  All the above did not happen.  Here I was, 10 pounds heavier, having gone out to run only once (2 miles) and getting to run a 4 mile race.

The weather was perfect and there were not too many people.  Unfortunately, I did not really know where the race was without my GPS.  There was parking very near the start line for a hefty fee, but there was also free parking downtown since the race was at 7.00 am.  They start charging at 8.00 am.  I opted for the free parking but I had to walk like half a mile, and people were getting ready for the parade (hence the parade picture) and everyone I asked, did not know where the start line was.  I saw some runners running and I started running after them 🙂 and good thing they were going to the same race.

The race was great.  My goal was to get to my car before the meter person and so I did ran at a slow pace.  I even walked some.  Proceeds from the race support the USO and this years was celebrating our freedom with the 1st Battalion 138th Infantry.

Have a great 4 of July!