This post is brought to you by the amazing baby girl!  written before she went to Kenya.

“I am scared of going to Kenya

and you’ll be hearing that all day I tell ya’

but I really want to see the big five

but I’m afraid I won’t come back alive

I heard Kenya is really hot

so I wonder if garden plants rot

but I’ve been to Kenya when I was one a half

and probably saw a few calves

and though the mud water was tea

so someone had to notify me

but I also can’t wait to go to Kenya

on the East Coast of Africa.”

(Tune in for part two – Leaving Kenya)

2 thoughts on “Going to Kenya…Part 1 By RT.

  1. I hope she had fun and that all her fears diminished when she got there. I’m sure she now has a clear view of life is there. I’m curious to hear part II.


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