2016 is gone and I am focusing on the new year 2017.   I went to the gym today to start my new 700 miles goal, I have 696 more miles to go.   I need to run at least 15 miles a week to make my goal.  In July last year, when I realized I still needed about 350 miles to go, I started working on it and in the process between July and December, I lost 15 pounds.   All gone! and I am hoping that they never return.  I am thinking if I ran 700 miles, I will lose about 30 pounds! right?  have you started working on your healthy/fitness goal?


One thought on “Gone!

  1. Twenty to thirty minutes on the treadmill, each day that I can and what a difference in spirits it makes if nothing else. Good luck with your plan…it sounds like a good one:-).


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