Right about now, I am so tempted to quit this certification course and just get a plain old MA in Education.   I have come so close to quitting it and just graduating but every time I tell myself that I am so close so why should I quit?  I sent in my transcripts to the certification officer so that she could tell me what content courses I needed.  She wrote me back and said that I have to send my transcript for evaluation…what?  It’s complicated.  My college was accredited by a US institution and so my degree is actually from the US but now she says it might need credentialing…if it came back that I need to do ALL those courses again, I will apply for graduation.  I do have enough credit hours to graduate but it would have been a waste of time, because I didn’t need a another Masters.  The reason why I went back to school was to get certified.  Have a nice day and don’t let that cookie tempt you!  686.5 more miles to go!


4 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. Mimi says:

    I am going through a lot of similar thoughts with school. My dilemma is attending graduate school or seeking certifications. Argh…


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