So not fair!

The awesomeness is where I live is that there are so many parks and running trails that one can go running or walking.  Since I love running, I have made use of these facilities.  Some of these sidewalks were built along time ago and so they have cracked and become uneven.  The first time I went running in our neighborhood, I had just began running and even before long, I tripped on the uneven sidewalk and found myself tumbling down.  I did take my picture of my bruised hand and my son told me it is too gross to show off.  That fall was the first but not the last.  I went running at one of my favorite parks, it is my favorite because it is right in the middle of the ‘downtown’ and the track around it is close to 1 mile and so I do not have to go dizzy trying to reach my goal.  This fine Saturday, I was out running and the kiddos were out for their pee wee soccer at this park.  So of course everybody was there, their parents, grandparents, siblings forced to come and watch, it was packed.  Here was I running and then I got distracted and was not looking where I was going and the uneven track got me.  All of a sudden I was closer to the ground than those little kids playing soccer.  This was semi-embarrassing.  The most embarrassing event happened right outside our house, and that is why I have never left our house again.  To make matters worse, hubby happened to be watching, so not fair.  I had just come from a run but I needed like .1 miles to make my goal, so I was actually walking but I was looking at my phone.  The next thing I was looking at the floor right in front of ALL my neighbors.  I am still in hiding, so embarrassing.  675 more mile to go! Unfortunately I cannot avoid uneven tracks!