I thought that this is the year to run a marathon  Now I am not sure, maybe I will do another half-marathon.  I have run 3 half-marathons in my life.  Half-marathons are hard, but marathons are harder.  The first half-marathon, I ran it with a dear friend.  We had trained together for a few months and so that helped a lot.  We did not ran the whole way together but the training really helped out.  I did not train as much for the second half-marathon because of weather but I ran it with a buddy.  We just talked and talked the whole way and we did good for time.  We were back the next year and did even better.  The the third time running the same half-marathon, my friend did not sign up and I had to run it myself.  It was challenging having never done it by myself.  My phone battery died half-way so I did not have any music…have you ever ran a half or full marathon?  My half-marathon buddy!14691192_10154672450855972_2826658473414253908_o-1