I remember when I was nine, I was living with a family friend so as to be able to go to school.  My parents had moved to another town but wanted me to stay in a school in the ‘old’ city.  The family had two kids and one was a girl my age.  She did get an invitation for a birthday party and I did not.  I wanted to go for the birthday party so bad and they told me no.  I remember crying and crying and when she came back, I was still crying.  Now when I look back, I think I was being so silly insisting on a birthday that I was not invited to.  This bring us to this day an age.  I have to fill in 24 invitations so that my son can invite the whole class.  That is the right thing to do, they say.  You do not want to leave any child out.   I remember one birthday we did send out an invitation to the whole class.  Parents started RSVPing and I was starting to freak out.  I ended up with 22 kids!  Talking about the whole class showing up.  My son was so so excited, my wallet wasn’t.  Keep looking up folks.