Happy Inauguration Day!

There has been talk of the transition team having a hard time getting talent and some people have gotten grief for saying yes to perform.  They ended up going with a lot of new talent especially from “AGT” alumni.  This has been great exposure for some of the groups.  I had never heard of Pelican 212 until today and I think they did a great job.  Jackie Evancho, another “AGT” alumni sang the National Anthem.  This I must say has been great exposure for these artists.  Hope never dies!


I remember when I was nine, I was living with a family friend so as to be able to go to school.  My parents had moved to another town but wanted me to stay in a school in the ‘old’ city.  The family had two kids and one was a girl my age.  She did get an invitation for a birthday party and I did not.  I wanted to go for the birthday party so bad and they told me no.  I remember crying and crying and when she came back, I was still crying.  Now when I look back, I think I was being so silly insisting on a birthday that I was not invited to.  This bring us to this day an age.  I have to fill in 24 invitations so that my son can invite the whole class.  That is the right thing to do, they say.  You do not want to leave any child out.   I remember one birthday we did send out an invitation to the whole class.  Parents started RSVPing and I was starting to freak out.  I ended up with 22 kids!  Talking about the whole class showing up.  My son was so so excited, my wallet wasn’t.  Keep looking up folks.


Since I am overworked I am two posts behind.  This semester I am taking 12 graduate credit hours, isn’t that similar to like 21 undergraduate hours?  I am also teaching some courses.  If I am not grading a class, I am finishing an assignment.  If I am not reading a text to prepare for my class, I am reading a text to prepare for my assignment.  Don’t feel sorry for me.  I did sign up for all this myself, but that does not mean I am not overworked.  I love my job. School has been awesome too.  I am working on managing my schedule.  Soon, summer will be here!


I thought that this is the year to run a marathon  Now I am not sure, maybe I will do another half-marathon.  I have run 3 half-marathons in my life.  Half-marathons are hard, but marathons are harder.  The first half-marathon, I ran it with a dear friend.  We had trained together for a few months and so that helped a lot.  We did not ran the whole way together but the training really helped out.  I did not train as much for the second half-marathon because of weather but I ran it with a buddy.  We just talked and talked the whole way and we did good for time.  We were back the next year and did even better.  The the third time running the same half-marathon, my friend did not sign up and I had to run it myself.  It was challenging having never done it by myself.  My phone battery died half-way so I did not have any music…have you ever ran a half or full marathon?  My half-marathon buddy!14691192_10154672450855972_2826658473414253908_o-1


I think our outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama is exquisite.  She has got class, brains, looks and she generally comes across as a nice lady.

I think Lets Move has accomplished many healthy goals and for that I am grateful to the First lady.  One of her causes that we do not hear a lot about was #letgirlslearn.   When you educate a girl, you educate a whole village.

I wish her the best in her next chapter, she should hold her head high because she made us proud.

Thank you Mrs. Obama


There are so many things that go on unseen that if we ever knew, we could probably do things differently.  We would probably appreciate some people that we take for granted.  I remember when President-elect went to visit with the President, it is said that he was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job.  That is because there are so many unseen things that go on that we are not privi to.  When I became a professor, I realized that there is a lot of unseen work that some of our professors do that we are not aware of.  Now I appreciate the hard working teachers and professors that I have had.  Think about all the unseen people who work in the background to make your event successful.  Tell them thank you!


I totally forgot to post yesterday and ended up writing the post today.  The daily prompts are related somewhat.  So, yesterday, I talked about someday, someday I am going to get my teacher certification.  Well,  I did not know what I was capable of until I started doing the course.  This semester I registered for 12 graduate credit hours, when I finish this, I will have 2 more courses in the fall, student teaching in the spring and then hopefully graduate in May and start teaching in August, lol, that’s the plan 🙂  Have you been putting off anything of from yesterday saying someday? and then today wondering if you are capable?  Yes, you can!  You can do it!  You will never know unless you try.  Keep looking up.