Goals, resolutions, words, whatever you call them! I know many people say that they do not make resolutions because they break them before Valentin!e’s day! That should not stop you from trying! At least they haunt you every other day and you might try and do something about it. I have a few simple goals for 2018! The first one that I have shared with my family is to lose 50 pounds. Yes, I have always known I was overweight and although I do not freak out about it, I think about it one or two times a day…especially when you see pictures of yourself and you are like? wow! just wow! What am I doing to myself? I was doing great last year and then I had the mishap! I had injury and did not go out running for 4 months. That really set me back a few, okay, a lot of pounds. I am happy to report that I am not great and ready to tame this beast (yes, the beast comes in many forms)! They say that the goals have to be smart. Specific – lose 50 pounds, Measurable – lose 50 pounds in one year Achievable – I think one year means about a pound a week. I think that is reasonable – which brings me to realistic – I think losing 50 pounds in one year is as realistic as it is gonna get. I am going to be running and eating a healthy diet (it becomes a little fuzzy here but I will share my diet plans soon) I am not trying for one of those loose 10 pounds in one week (and then get it back)and finally Timely – I would like to post next year on this date that I lost 50 pounds!! I know people have different meanings for the SMART acronym but this is what works for me. Do you have any goals to share? Keep looking up!IMG_6654