The Lord was good to me, I got a free day today. School was closed and I got to sleep in, the calm before the storm. My kids went to school though, it was so cold I must say. To add salt to injury, we are on a boil order. Talking about Ameren, I still do not understand why our water bill is over $100. I remember when I got my first bill when we moved here, it was $25 and I was screaming. The sad part of all this is that 60% of that bill is the sewer…I just don’t get it.
I am still facing the dilemma of whether to join a gym or not. I usually like running outside during the summer and fall, something like from May to November. So, I am wondering is it really worth it to join from January to April? Just four months? But I seriously need to go running and it is freezing cold outside.
I just finished watching The Crown! I can’t believe I have to wait for one whole year for the next season and what is even worse, we will have a new Queen and Duke…something about it will be a different time. I don’t want a new Queen and Duke, I want Claire and Matt! oh well, I am sure the new actors will be great! I have to watch the “mystery man” episode again…I just read that I am not the only one who spends more time on Wikipedia than watching the show, I have to fact check (not that Wikipedia is the most accurate source out there) but I have to check and see if Prince Charles really went to that school. More than 15 years ago, we visited London and it happened to be ‘the changing of the guard’ day and we actually went to (outside) the palace to watch it! Keep looking up and thanks for reading.pexels-photo-260024.jpeg