Are you Allergic to anything? When I go to the doctor and I am filling in those forms, I always write NKO because I do not think I am Allergic to anything. I know people are Allergic to cats, medicines, soap, some foods, lotion, you name it! I think one of my kids is Allergic to something that Zagbys uses, maybe their cooking oil. We went there twice and on both times, they broke out in a rush after eating their food so we stopped going there.
Today was my first full day at my new ‘job’ and one of my workmates asked me if I was tired and I was like…NO!! I went back home and crashed. Was watching that show where lottery winners buy homes and fell asleep. I am not sure why I was watching, I am not winning the lottery soon because I do not buy lottery tickets. These people’s lives change in a minute but I wonder how some of them maintain those humongous houses they are buying, I am just asking, #nothating.
have a great weekend and thanks for reading.