Wow! I guess it took Covid-19 for me to come back to my blog. I wish I had started blogging when the first shut down began mid-March, but I didn’t think it would last this long. We thought we we would be back to school on March 30th, then it changed to March 31, then it changed to mid-April, then it changed to “School buildings will be closed for the rest of the year”. Those last two months were mentally draining. But now here we are, not sure what to do with summer. All races have been cancelled so there is no race to train for. Summer has not been cancelled however…so I decided to do the next

I decided to use this time to learn something new, maybe add an endorsement to my teaching certificate, as I work on my 2020 1000 miles goal. This has been going really well, I am averaging some 20+ miles a week, this week I have logged 24.2 miles. I know, I am rambling…promise I will be more coherent next time. What are you up to? Keep the faith and stay safe.