Oscars Part 2

I cannot believe I stayed up until midnight just to see who would win best picture and best actress. Well, I was glad that Mo’Nique won, I thought her speech was interesting, I am not sure what she was trying to say…but I guess she said it.  Sandra Bullock speech was good.  But I loved Jeff Bridges, first of all it was obvious he was going to win, I just thought that he sounded genuinely happy to win and the way he was just throwing out names was hilarious.   Gabourey Sidibe was already a winner in my eyes, have you ever watched her interviews?  she is so hilarious and funny.  I hope this opens doors for her for greater and bigger things.  Well, I better catch up with my sleep tonight, after 24.

BB finale

Ok, who should Jordan take to the final two?  Kevin or Natalie?  Kevin says he will take Jordan.  Jordan says she will take Natalie.
Natalie is lying to Jordan, she is suggesting that they should stay friends after the game.  She is just trying to get Jordan over to her side.
Natalie and Kevin are now talking.  Kevin has told Natalie that he will take Jordan.  Natalie is mad and she is now telling Kevin that he is full of it.  Kevin, please, don’t take Natalie, she is a hoax.   my kids are now fighting over Kermit? the frog.
The hostess of BB is wearing an outfit that looks like a snugli. That’s all I am saying.
Michelle has gone to the jury house. Jesse is so happy about it. Russell and Jeff are not happy.
The jury is debating who should win. Jeff is fighting for his Jordan. I cannot believe Russell is talking for Natalie. aaargh! I do not want Natalie to win.
should be doing my homework, but I am sitting here watching Big Brother…this is crazy. Will leave after Kevin and Natalie fight it out.
Jordan & Kevin
Tie breaker, you know how Jordan does on those tie breakers…hope she writes a small number
Jordan wins HOH. Who would have thought? She better take Natalie!
Jordan has made the right choice, she is going with Natalie. I feel bad that Natalie is getting $50 000 but I think Jordan is winning.
May the best person win!
Yay! Jordan wins Big Brother!


American Idol

American Idol is upon us, and I have been watching on and off. Nick Mitchell is the funniest contestant ever! He is so funny, I do not think that he is the best singer but I want him to go far because I think he will make us laugh every week. Tatiana is in her own world, and I think people are going to vote for her for the drama. Stephen Fowler might have forgotten the words, but I think he has a great voice and as of now, he is my favorite. I hope he does not forget the words again!