Going to Kenya…Part 1 By RT.

This post is brought to you by the amazing baby girl!  written before she went to Kenya.

“I am scared of going to Kenya

and you’ll be hearing that all day I tell ya’

but I really want to see the big five

but I’m afraid I won’t come back alive

I heard Kenya is really hot

so I wonder if garden plants rot

but I’ve been to Kenya when I was one a half

and probably saw a few calves

and though the mud water was tea

so someone had to notify me

but I also can’t wait to go to Kenya

on the East Coast of Africa.”

(Tune in for part two – Leaving Kenya)

Back to School

After posting baby boy’s before school pic, decided to post an after school pic! He really did enjoy his first day of school and was excited about going back this morning! This is an answered prayer, he did not think much about his summer school and in his own words, he told me he was ‘happy to be free’.
It has been fun watching the Olympics! Of course I expected more medals from the Kenyans (Where is Kip Keino when we need him?) Now, I know more about waterpolo than I need to (thanks #NBCfail)!
Last week I volunteered for a race and how I wish I had registed to run, I would have been on the podium for sure! there was only one person from my age group! It was a fun small race which I hope it is bigger next year. good thinking, the race director did not date the T-shirts so they can be used next year.
It’s all good!

Soni – 11 years

My ipod is full of news podcasts, that’s what I listen to every day and lots of NPR programs.  I was listening to one of my news podcasts, called Global news and they were interviewing a 11 year old called Soni.   Soni lives in a camp for Kenyans who were displaced during the violence that happened after the elections.  Here is what she said:

“They burnt our house, they took everything.  They killed my father and slashed him like a grass and put him in a dam.” 

That just broke my heart.  Soni said that she hopes that one day she will go back to school.  They have been living in this camp for 2 years, she shares her tent with her mom and 3 other siblings.  They have been ordered to leave the camp in a few days.

Say a prayer for these kids when you think about it.

Missions Month

August is Missions month at our church .     They have some very cool t-shirts for sale for only $10 to support the missions ministry at church.  Every year we have short terms missions to many different countries.  Have you ever been on a missions trip?  Those trips are life changing.   A few years ago (when I lived in Kenya), I went on a mission trip to a refugee camp in Kakuma, in Turkana in Northern Kenya.  I will never forget the time I spent there and the people I met.  This is a HUGE refugee camp that is run by the UNHCR and it hosts about 21% of the total refugee population in Kenya, they say that there are a little over 91 000 people in the camp.  Kakuma hosts people from more than 6 different countries and they do live in harsh conditions but the UN does their best, that place is hot!  We would go ‘house to house’ sharing with them about the love of Jesus and listening to their stories.  On Sunday, we went to different churches in the camp and the Christians their were so strong in their faith.   We also visited people living in Turkana and that was interesting in itself, it is a totally different life.    Most of the woman were gone looking for water, the kids have been left to look after the few animals they might have.  Little kids were sorting through the sand (its desert) looking for small pebbles of gold so as to sell.  The government was paying their parents money to take their kids to school (Primary Education is free in Kenya).  I went back home changed in many ways and appreciative of what we have.  I would definately want to go for another mission trip soon.

American Idol

I think Adam sounded horrible last night on AI (his second song), I think Simon knew that there is fear that he might not make the final two, so he put in a good word for him. I cannot wait to see who makes the final two.
I think Biggest loser was an upset, I think Tara was the favorite to win, but Helen was the biggest loser. Either way for me, it did not matter, I think they both look so great!


Matumbo literally means ‘stomach’. This post is not for those who have a weak stomach. When bulls or cows are slaughtered, the intestines a.k.a. the stomach, too, are cleaned and cooked and that is what we call matumbo. One can also buy ‘matumbo‘ from a butchery. I am usually weary of eating matumbos but this time, I decided, why not! oh boy! just like I expected, I regretted leaving the immodium at home. My friend told me that her dad says, stomachs, should not be eating stomachs…I will pay attention to that next time.