Giraffes are so graceful and beautiful!
This summer has been a roller coaster but the Lord is good. It started off with us leaving for Kenya for a few weeks and me wobbling in town with my moon boot! It made for long stares and I would surprise the starer by saying “hi” and now they do not know what to do or say. (fun times) I will do several posts on Kenya later.
I cannot believe summer is almost over! I am getting ready to start my last semester of school and I just discovered that I have to do 12 credit hours that I did not think I needed to do. This is on top of the 12 that I had registered for. It is going to be a very busy semester and I am thinking of quitting Facebook until I am done. Have you ever quit social media for anything? I know people do quit social media to meditate or pray etc.
Then there was the Kenya elections! I am not sure what to think or say but I am definitely praying for peace and if you think about it, please pray for Kenya.
Keep looking up and you can do this!


Starting Over!

This is basically a cryptic post, so why am I writing it?  I am writing it because as the title says, I am starting over.  For me to start over I have to get rid of those things that weigh me down.  Even the Bible has something to say about it:

Hebrews 12:1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us

I am working on laying aside every weight…I am also asking the Lord to help me to lay aside too the ‘sin which so easily ensnares me’ – at this point I could name so many – jealousy, bitterness, dislike, pride, etc so I can be able to run (I wish I could literally run but that is a post for another day) with endurance the race (Oh, what a race) that is set before me.

At some point this year I felt like I was mistreated by the powers above.  I also felt that I was never given the opportunity to tell my side of the story.  I was called names in an escalated situation in which the other party was provocative.  I chose to stay silent during the snafu.   Turns out she was saying all those things and taping it just in case I say something she can use against me. I felt like I had no avenue for recourse because both parties had to protect the innocent.

I was mad, angry and bitter.  Everyone pretended like nothing happened.  I was dying softly.

I am starting over again.  I am laying aside every weight.  I am singing Darrel Evan’s song: I’m trading my sorrows

I’m trading my sorrows,

I ‘m trading my shame,

I’m laying them down for the joy of the Lord…


I am pressed but not crushed,

persecuted but not abandoned

Struck down but not destroyed


Keep looking up, will be posting posts from our trip!


One of my favorite Kanye’s songs is Stronger! For some reason I also like “Gold Digger” but that is a story for another day.  The past week has been interesting.  I can’t divulge much but things have happened that have really tested me.  Just when you think this is it, the rug is pulled from under you.  So trying and so frustrating.  I have decided to look at it Kanye’s way 🙂  what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.  I believe that I will come out stronger from all this.  I also believe that this too shall pass.  When you think about it, send me all the positive vibes.  I need them.


Once upon a time, I thought I was strong. I thought I could drink unfiltered water and be fine. Please remember, that I did live in Kenya. Where everybody told me that it is dangerous to drink water straight from the tap. But what did I care? what was there to fear? I had been drinking tap water for the last two decades or so! Then it happened.  It started with fever, then my joints were weak, then I could not get out of bed, yes, I was dying!  The end was near.  Just because I decided to drink unfiltered water!  I did recover after swallowing the biggest capsules I had ever seen.  And I bought a filter!


I am Devastated at some of the things coming out of the White House this week. It even has a name #alternativefacts But you know what, the President is fulfilling what he promised, he is staying true to his base and his word and elections have consequences.


It is a little frustrating when someone makes a big error that affects your life in some way and all they say is, it was a little oversight.  Are they serious?  A little?  I feel like it is an apology that is not an apology.  Why don’t they just say they made a mistake and they are sorry?

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