Going to Kenya…Part 1 By RT.

This post is brought to you by the amazing baby girl!  written before she went to Kenya.

“I am scared of going to Kenya

and you’ll be hearing that all day I tell ya’

but I really want to see the big five

but I’m afraid I won’t come back alive

I heard Kenya is really hot

so I wonder if garden plants rot

but I’ve been to Kenya when I was one a half

and probably saw a few calves

and though the mud water was tea

so someone had to notify me

but I also can’t wait to go to Kenya

on the East Coast of Africa.”

(Tune in for part two – Leaving Kenya)


My NaBloPoMo home posts continue, and since today is Sunday, I will blog about church.  It is a blessing to find a church that you can call a home church also known as your local church.      I personally think it is important to belong to a church for many reasons, somewhere you can belong, for accountability purposes, where you can grow spiritually and where you can tithe.  I have a neat church story…When we moved here to the US, we first stayed in Atlanta and we went to this church for two Sundays, then we moved to Chatt.   Because we did not show up for two sundays in a row, they called the number we had given and got voicemail.  When we did not show up the third Sunday, they came to the address that we were staying at in Atlanta to check on us.  I know it is a small church, but we felt that they cared and they were treating us like family, if we were going to stay in Atlanta, we would have definately made that church our home church.  They also sang Swahili choruses too!!  I hope you had a good worship time today…have a nice week.

home #2

My NaBloPoMo home posts continue…My parents applied to the city council and we moved to a bigger home. It was not that big but it was a welcome change. This home was near a railway track, and the trains that used these tracks were goods trains and they usually were carrying cows. When a train passed, all the neighborhood kids would get all excited and wave at the cows 🙂 This home was also near a wide pedestrian road and this guy who was tending his many sheep and goats would pass their every evening. He definately passed in the morning but we were in school already. They were about 50 or so goats and sheep and when he passed with his animals, we would try and ride the sheep because someone told us that sheep were foolish and a goat would probably hurt you with its horns. Those were really fun times and it was really fun to be a kid…


My days of staying at home are over. I loved staying at home with Henry, and I did not have to wake up early to go somewhere.   I got to learn to do so many things while I was at home.  I already miss being at home, I tried to fight the idea of going back to work, but, for now, I need to.  Yesterday was my first day back to work, I had to wake up early to be there on time. I did not go to my regular work but I went to my unit. We started off the day with a 2.5 miles run, I loved it, gave me energy for the day. Since my unit is being deactivated, we had plenty to do to make that happen. I am going to miss my unit mates. Unlike many people, this is the only unit I have been for the past 5+ years and these people have become my good friends.  Today is the physical fitness test, I hope I do well.  It is probably going to be my last test so I want to do well so badly.   Have a good Tuesday.